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star casting;Dev as Abhishek
Koel Mallick as Madhurima Chatterjee
Sabyasachi Chakraborty as Madhurima's father
Tota Roychowdhury as Soumyadeep
Mousumi Saha as Madhurima's Mother
Supriyo Dutta
Bharat Kaul as Abhishek's Boss
Sumit Gangopadhyay
Mani Shankar Banerjee
Nitya Ganguly
movie perviewBolo na tumi amar[copied from Telugu movie "Happy"] (Bengali: বলো না তুমি আমার) is a romantic comedy movie directed by Sujit Mondal and starring Dev and Koel Mallick in lead roles with Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Mousumi Saha and Tota Roychowdhury in supporting roles. The music was scored by critically acclaimed Jeet Ganguly.[1][2] The film released on Jan 15, 2010. The film was inspired from Telugu film Happy.
Abhishek meets Madhurima, a medical student in North Bengal. After they return to Kolkata, they keep on bumping into each other. Abhishek works as a pizza delivery boy. Madhurima’s marriage is fixed with Soumyadeep Sen, a cop, as her father saw her with Abishek on her scooter. Since it was Abhishek's fault, he wants to help Madhurima and so he goes and tells Soumyadeep that he loves Madhurima. Soumyadeep being a very ‘nice guy’ calls off the marriage. Meanwhile Madhurima's father fixes her marriage with another guy so Soumyadeep whisks them away and gets them married off. They stay in a huge flat belonging to Soumyadeep. A line is drawn in the house so they don’t cross the line as they stay separately. Slowly they become friends and more indulged in their relation. After Madhurima's exam she got her result and saw that she failed in one subject. Thinking it to be Abhishek's fault, she insults him on his birthday and asks for divorce and also asks him to leave the flat. After some days Madhurima requires 2Lakhs (50,000 at first) immediately as fees to appear for her exams. It is Abhishek who doubles up as a stuntman, signs a contract and quietly goes and pays the money without informing Madhurima as he started loving her. When the results come out, Madhurima becomes the all India topper. She longs to meet Abhishek whom she had asked to leave the house and comes to know he is in hospital as he had injured himself while performing a dangerous stunt. On her way to meet him, Madhurima is taken into custody on some false charges by a cop Inspector Rudra who wanted to take revenge against her father, a retired cop. Abhishek lands up there after getting a call from Madhurima who had managed to call him another person’s phone. He starts beating up the cops, but he gets beaten up himself black and blue .He again somehow manages to get up and again starts bashing up the cops and nearly kills Rudra. Soumyadeep appears there and prevents him from doing so and asks Madhurima’s father to accept them who does so readily.
Dev as Abhishek
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